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DGP/DGZPW Expertenforum 2006: Perioprosthetics - The...
Sie sehen den Trailer. Um den Film abzurufen, müssen Sie eingeloggt und für den Inhalt berechtigt sein.

Zu diesem Thema bietet Quintessenz Ihnen folgende Fachzeitschrift(en):

Quintessenz Zahnmedizin


Schlee, Markus (Mod.)

DGP/DGZPW Expertenforum 2006: Perioprosthetics - The Interdisciplinary Treatment Concept

Länge: 46 Minuten

Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch

Produktionsjahr: 2006

Quelle: APW DVD Journal 4/06

Rubriken: ZMK im Gespräch, Parodontologie


  • Management of the Loss of Hard and Soft Tissue
  • Requirements to the Periodontologists
  • Conditions for the Restaurative Treatment Phase
  • Therapeutical Methods in the Esthetic Region
  • Periodontal Treatment Methods in case of Vertical Defects
  • The Importance of the Functional Therapy

In this talk, experts from the fi elds of Prosthetics, Esthetic Dentistry, Implantology and Periodontology took part and discussed the most important aspects of the interdisciplinary communication.
The loss of tissue that causes esthetic as well as functional diffi culties is a serious problem for the therapist. It becomes clear that the main aim of the Periodontologist should be the preservation of the tissue and the trend is the non-invasive therapy. One prefers the preservation of the hard tissue through "non-invasivity" for esthetic purposes.
Another important aspect is the interdisciplinary cooperation, which requires a lot of time for a precise diagnosis. The fi nal decision for the right therapeutical approach should be left to the professional Periodontologist. The role of the therapist is the preparation of a good oral hygiene for the periodontal therapy, a process that can last up to 2 years and should result in a stable reduction of the inflammation.
The patients' compliance is obligatory through the whole treatment process for a successful periodontal therapy.
Furthermore the experts discuss the possibilities of periodontal treatment methods to regain lost tissue in the vertical direction. They all agree that there are no concrete treatment solutions for this case and that there only exist ideas and different pilot projects on this topic. There is a quite complicated treatment method including orthodontical extrusion and implantation but this form of treatment is not always realistic and is limited to individual cases.
Finally the participants of the expert talk come to the conclusion that an orthodontic and a functional therapy are obligatory prior and during the treatment process.